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Community Health Education and Training


  • Preschool
  • Is Your Child Ready for 
  • Potty Training?
  • Strategies to Make
  •  Anytime With Your 
  • Child Quality Time
  • First-Time Dads: 
  • How to Bond with 
  • Daughters
  • Girls Night Out (or In)!


  1. Share Parenting Stories and Tips
  2. Simple Steps to Healthy Family
  3. Families: Family Fitness
  4. Quiz: What's Your Parenting Style?

It is our vision and duty to be available when we are capable to provide the most appropriate health information to all citizens including ordinary people most at risk to develop chronic health issues such those living in low income communities, low population, non-urban areas and those with limited access to preventive/medial care.

It is the mission, duty and purpose of Healthy and Wise, Inc. to address, educate, coordinate, advocate, and disseminate current health research data with the goal of emphasizing the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Further it is our aim to aid citizens in accessing appropriate healthcare with the goal of improving the overall health status of the citizens we are serving on a local and national level.​


Healthy and Wise, Inc., a registered 501(3)c is the non-profit arm of Health On The Go, LLC.  Founded in 2013, we are dedicated to innovative approaches to community development through health and education to under-served populations.​​

Given this defined need, Healthy and Wise, Inc. sees a space where we can contribute to improving the lives of inhabitants in rural and marginalized communities. Healthy and Wise, Inc. seeks to channel our technical expertise and resources to developing solutions to the challenges faced by these communities. Our Comprehensive Health Education and Nutrition Programs are an example of our approach.




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