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  1. Passport to Success
  2. Simple Steps to Healthy Family
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  4. Quiz: What's Your Parenting Style?

A Parent’s Prospective: As parents you want what’s best for your children. You teach them to look both ways before crossing the street. Warn them about talking to strangers. Anything that will allow them to live a long, happy and productive life becomes your top priority. But have you ever really thought about what the simplest actions and decisions that you make on a daily basis can mean for your child’s health, both now and far into the future? From nutrition to exercise, ADHD to obesity, immunity to vaccinations, we’ll break it all down and take a look at what it means to grow up healthy...through a parent’s eyes.

Holistic Wellness: Do you ever wonder if you are truly realizing your full life potential? This seven-part  workshop focuses on the importance of a balanced approach to life.  Achieving a balance in life is powerful. It allows us to perform at our best in all aspects of our life and leads to greater levels of happiness and performance.  Attendees learn about the seven key-life areas (physical, mental, spiritual, social, family, career and financial) and how to balance each area for true happiness, health and wellness. This program can be delivered as a 2-hour workshop or divided into 30-minute sessions for each key-life area.  A truly inspiring health and wellness series 

Business Workshops

Optimal Performance-Become Your “Best” Self: You understand the importance of regular exercise, good nutritional habits, a good night’s sleep, but after all that effort are you really functioning at your best? Learn the secrets to ultimate performance and take the “peak” approach to health!

Exercise at Your Desk: Get Fit While you Sit: The computer age has found us spending more and more time in front of our keyboards. Prolonged postures and repetitive movements lead to a variety of symptoms such as eye-strain and headaches, shoulder pain and carpel tunnel syndrome, back pain and sciatica, just to name a few. You don’t need to work in pain! By following these common-sense strategies you can relieve your pain and safeguard your health for years to come. (This workshop can be adapted to a general ergonomics session or as part of a Lunch-n-Learn series  for nearly any position at your workplace.  Ask us for more details).

Work Healthy, Work Safely: As a benefit to new employees and an additional safeguard to ensuring safe and healthy work practices we can provide this 30 minute training as a one-time training event or a monthly or quarterly Lunch-n-Learn training training series to all new employees based on your needs. Rotate existing employees into the meetings and everyone benefits by promoting safe and healthy habits on the job and at home. This training can also be customized to a specific group where safety and health issues are a concern due to the physical demands of their job.​​

​​​“We focus our educational programs around important health issues that help individuals live their lives to the fullest.”



Through the generous donation of time from our staff health educators and our volunteers,  Healthy and Wise, Inc. offers general health education and awareness presentations in an effort to positively impact the community by influencing individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices. These programs are offered to businesses and community organizations for a minimal fee or free of charge. Choose one or all of our educational programs and seminars. Together they create a stellar health awareness series.

All workshops and programs can be customized based on time available and the interests of your group. For more information or to schedule your workshop just email us at



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